Melisa Mathura at the Railway Museum

Joel and I had a wonderful time at the Southeastern Railway Museum with model Melisa Mathura. Melisa joined us for a shoot to promote our upcoming photo sessions at the museum. The museum is an amazing place with old locomotives, vintage suitcases and furniture, and relics of by-gone railway days. We started our shoot in a lounge car, where the vintage touches and low lights created a sultry mood.

As we made our way around museum, we learned that Melisa is from Wisconsin. She’s been living in the Atlanta area for the last two years. On top of being a model, she’s also a student at Georgia Gwinnett College. Melisa was such a joy – very funny – and she even offered to carry lighting equipment! She was a confident model who gave us a ton of looks! To book Melisa, you can find her on Instagram.

Some of our favorite photos of the day were the last ones. A bright yellow train provided a vibrant and dramatic backdrop. We truly captured that old-timey vibe with the addition of our own vintage suitcase. This blue suitcase once belonged to woman who used it to immigrate from Cuba in the 60s. Quite a lot of history in a seemingly innocuous blue box!

Our photo sessions at the Southeastern Railway Museum will run from February through April. Contact us today to book your spot.