The Start of a New Journey for Karen Fedder

Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve had the pleasure to work with a very special lady as she launched her blog and began a new journey in her life. Karen Fedder is a funny and inspirational woman who’s learned some hard lessons throughout her life and now wants to share those lessons with others. For Karen, we provided a fully custom set of services, including photography, web design, graphic design, and marketing consultations.

I designed Karen’s website – – with her personality in mind. I believe that, with plenty of input from Karen, we achieved a modern, fun, professional website that captures her outgoing and lively personality. The key feature of her website is her blog (written by Karen, managed by Hawkeye POV), where Karen provides insights into her life and shares the lessons she has learned.

Joel and I spent a lovely afternoon with Karen for a photo session at her home. Our session ran over time because we had so much fun talking, laughing, and admiring her beautiful and unique home. Her joyfulness is contagious, and I think these photos capture that.

In addition to the website and portraits, I also created the THRIVE logo – simple, clean, yet still full of meaning for Karen’s journey. Next up were business cards and other promotional materials – marketing materials are essential for a new venture. Throughout the process, we provided marketing advice and created a social media marketing plan for Karen to promote her blog and website.